SM Spacemaker

Penguin Series SM filter systems are designed to provide a complete, ultra-compact, portable, leakproof filter system. Equipped with the Penguin M Series polypropylene or PVDF magnetic drive pump and the rugged Penguin CPVC or poly-propylene filter chamber. SM filter systems are simple, economical, efficient systems for filtering and circulating acid and alkaline solutions. These include precious metal plating solutions, high chlorides, sulfuric, and alkaline cyanide solutions. The smaller, compact SM filter systems are excellent for complete corrosion-resistant filtration in laboratories, pilot plants, and production applications. Penguin SM filter systems are easy to clean and simple for filter cartridge replacement. The single-threaded head or the easy-grip handles requiring no tools releases the filter chamber head. There is no dismantling and no danger from breakage.

Bulletin SM Spacemaker

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