Penguin series C, CN, CT, CB & CBK cartridge, bag, and carbon chambers are designed for the removal of inorganic particulates or unwanted organic contaminants from aqueous alkaline and acidic solutions up to 230 degrees F. Connections are available in NPT, SLIP, or flange depending on the model selected. The CN chambers come w/o the square bracket on the bottom but include a B mount bracket so the chamber can be attached to the tank lip for in-tank use. The C chambers do not come with a B-mount bracket but include the square bracket on the bottom of the chamber so it can be bolted to a flat surface for out-of-tank use.
General features:
• All chambers include initial cartridge(s) set or bag.
• Air vent plug or air vent valve
• Injection-molded tops and bottoms.
• Variety of materials of construction such as CPVC, Polypropylene, and PVDF.
• Standard knife-edge seal with threaded tube nut/rod assy. or tube compressor to secure the cartridge(s) inside the chamber to assure little to no liquid by-pass without the use of metal springs.
• Multi-round cartridge and bag chambers include a pressure gauge with a protective guard
• Double labyrinth O-ring seals.
• Optional tops and bottoms are available for all multi-round cartridge and bag chambers to increase the vessel’s pressure rating.
• Single cartridge chambers have screw-on tops and include either a flat base for securing to a flat surface outside the tank or a B-mount bracket for securing to the tank lip inside or outside the tank.
• Bag chambers are available with or without a support cage.
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