HOM Horizontal Centrifugal Polypropylene

Penguin series HOM horizontal centrifugal pumps are designed as an economical alternative for OEM applications that require high flow rates under moderate head conditions with minimum suction lift. A true volute design accompanied by a full diameter impeller creates a highly efficient, energy-saving pump since less horse-power is required. The true volute design eliminates shock losses, prolongs seal life, and produces smooth and quiet operations. The rear impeller vanes are designed to ensure proper lubrication of the seal cavity while the central discharge of the volute pump housing prevents air locking.

Recommended Applications: Semi-Corrosive Applications, Photographic, Recirculation Pumps, Water Treatment, Spraying/Rinse Applications, and General Industrial Use.

Bulletin HOM-Horizontal Centrifugal

Installation and Parts List HOM Horizontal Centrifugal

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