PC Carbon Filter Cartridges

Carbon Filter Cartridges are a one-step carbon and filtration treatment. These cartridges eliminate the problems associated with loose carbon treatment and the need for a separate filtration system.
The standard cartridge measures 2 3/4” O.D. with lengths varying from 4” to 40” with flow rates up to 2 1/2 GPM.
These cartridges are designed to be used in either single or multi-tubed vessels.

Carbon cartridges are available in 5 different styles:
• Style PLC features carbon-impregnated cellulose with polyester-reinforced backing and external netting giving it great strength and dirt holding capacity.
• Style M features an outer layer of polyolefin webbing with an impregnated carbon powder interior
• Style C is a porous polyethylene shell containing a sulfur-free, high grade highly activated coconut granular carbon.
• Style CP is an outer wound cartridge that features layers of paper impregnated with activated powdered carbon.
• Style GC is another outer wound cartridge that utilizes a sulfur-free, highly activated granular coconut carbon content.

Bulletin PC Carbon

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